Healthy Mom Equals Healthy Family

Carlin does push ups in the moms class.

When the sun rises on Saturday morning in Washington D.C., mothers rise with it and make their way to Old City CrossFit.

For an hour and 15 minutes, moms participate in a laid-back WOD and information session. But, it’s about more than fitness: It’s about moms helping moms.

Sean Emery, the co-owner of the Box, said the class started about two months ago. Moms of the gym began sharing their desire for this type of class with Erin Losie, the other co-owner of the Box and Emery’s sister, who was pregnant at the time.

They wanted a place where they could workout together and socialize while doing so, explained Emery. So, the owners listened.

At 8 a.m., about seven to eight moms consistently show up for the class, several of the women coming for just this program. Emery said they have reached a niche market of their surrounding community. Mothers from the neighborhood are able to pay the drop-in fee and come for the one class every week.

Losie explained that there are three defined benefits she sees mothers, herself included, receiving from the program:

  1. Moms love helping and supporting each other. Losie explained that when she has questions about her newborn, she can ask other moms in the class who have already gone through those stages of motherhood.
  2. Offering up a class specifically for mothers creates a less intimidating environment for many of these women. It’s an easy way for them to try CrossFit out, said Losie.
  3. The class is not just about fitness. Losie and Emery use the time to address various topics, mostly focusing on postpartum issues. From expanding bellies to regaining strength to even topics like stress and hydration, the class is viewed as a chance to teach and help mothers. “We just help women educate themselves on how to prepare their body for life,” said Emery.

Losie gained some of her knowledge for the moms class from Jill Miller’s weekend online course, “Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby,” the education focused on maintaining the body during pregnancy.

Gaining that knowledge was essential after the owners found out what their members wanted. Truth be told, Emery shared that’s key when it comes to implementing new programming. “First make sure that whatever program you’re creating is consistent with who you are as a gym and who your community is,” said Emery. “Then make sure there’s a demand for it.”

And there was. Emery and Losie have big plans for the moms class, between adding on another session to giving the class its own membership option. The benefits are clearly seen and Emery summed up the impact of the class best: “Healthy mom equals healthy family.”


Photo by Eve Goldsher

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