Health Coaching: The Missing Piece in the CrossFit Affiliate’s Arsenal

health coaching

How many times have you a heard a client say, “I’m training so hard, but I’m just not losing the weight, and I haven’t PR’d my Clean in months.”

Hey, you’re doing your utmost as a CrossFit Coach to get your clients in shape. It’s likely they’re asking you for nutrition advice as well, and you’re probably giving them pretty sound guidance. But, you can’t eat for them. And, if they’re fueling their pre- and post-workout with two liters of diet soda and carb-laden energy bars, and then going home to chow down on pizza, there’s only so far they are going to go with their body composition and performance goals.

To see the gains, or the losses when it comes to weight, it’s important to fuel those WODs with proper nutrition. And while your clients may be listening intently to the diet advice you dole out, chances are high they aren’t actually implementing that advice on a consistent basis anymore than they’re doing squats and muscle ups at home.

Now, if they made the same type of monetary investment in a nutrition program as they have in your fitness programs, then the likelihood they would actually be fueling their workouts with health-enhancing foods increases immeasurably.

What does that mean for the CrossFit Affiliate? Better client results, which makes for happier members, greater retention and a heck of a lot more referrals!

Exercise is Just Part of the Equation

Exercise can only take clients so far. A more holistic approach to training, one that incorporates all aspects of life, from nutrition to stress levels, can completely overhaul a person’s health and wellness, making it far easier to jump past fitness and body composition plateaus and reach desired benchmarks with the least amount of struggle and resistance.

On the right diet, one that supports the unique challenges of the CrossFitter, the body learns to use stored body fat as fuel, rather than to depend on quick-burning glucose that keeps him/her locked in a sugar-burning, carb-dependent cycle that doesn’t promote fat loss or muscle building. As fat-burning beasts, your clients will smash personal bests, shed pounds easily and recover faster, which is exactly what your clients want to see.

Better Results = Happier Members

Regardless of stated goals — be it to get back the pre-baby bod or to set new personal bests — every client comes to you because, at the root of it, he/she wants to feel better. And feeling better is much more than just improving the look of the body. It’s a complete health and wellness transformation, and that takes exercise coupled with supportive nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Most people are battling years of ill-informed dietary choices and lifestyle behaviors. Providing knowledge is one aspect to coaching, but helping clients implement that knowledge and holding them accountable to new habits is the missing piece that will get your clients the results they crave and keep them healthy, happy and coming back for more.

Make Your Box the Epicenter of a Health-Conscious Community

Camaraderie is central to the CrossFit experience, and adding health coaching to your services — be it through one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, paid workshops or community events — helps strengthen member connection. Your gym then becomes the epicenter of that connection, even as members continue to interact outside of your gym, helping to support one another with sustainable lifestyle change.

But Will They Bite?

Looking at the latest fitness trends, the answer is YES!

Sixty percent of Americans want health coaching, yet 80 percent of Americans have never been offered health coaching.

That’s a big – and lucrative – gap for your gym to fill. Research suggests CrossFitters also have the money to spend on additional health services. According to a Quantcast Analytics report, over half of all CrossFit participants earn more than $150,000 per year.

Health coaching is on the rise, and adding health coaching services to your Box helps it stay relevant in the ever-changing field of health and fitness. Adding health coaching to your trainers’ skill sets also provides meaningful career opportunities and helps attract the best and brightest. It’s a win-win for all.


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