Hawaii Next Fitness Tour Stop

Fitness Tours

Come August 2015, CrossFit Sayreville will be at its Fitness Tour again.

Owner Ben Isabella said for their latest tour, a group of 10 CrossFitters — seven returners and three newbies — will be traveling to Hawaii. In the span of five days, they will visit as many of the 21 Boxes on the island of Oahu as possible, aiming to go to all of them.

That means visiting three to five Boxes a day, but for Isabella it is worth it.

Over the past Fitness Tours, nearly $17,000 has been raised for various organizations and charities — who the money goes to changes every trip. However, this Fitness Tour is different.

In February 2015, one of Isabella’s Coaches was in an automobile accident and sustained injuries that have required numerous surgeries. So, this trip to Hawaii will be in hopes to raise money to help the Coach pay medical bills.

This is the first tour we’re doing to raise money for someone we know, said Isabella. Usually, it’s organizations with goals like, for example, helping athletes who have life-threatening or altering illnesses. This time, it’s for a fellow CrossFitter, he said.

On top of raising money for the Coach, Isabella also hopes to build new bonds and relationships with those they meet in Hawaii. He once again noted how incredible it is to see the support they often get from the CrossFitters they meet. “The experience is unreal,” said Isabella. “It’s remarkable.”

For that reason, Isabella said he hopes the idea of Fitness Tours doesn’t stop at CrossFit Sayreville. “It’s fun and time to spend together,” he said. “I wish more people did it.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.