GymNext Flex Timer is a Key Innovation


Time is the most valuable resource to a Box owner, their Coaches and their members. Wasting it deprives you of the ability to create one-on-one connections key to member loyalty and attrition.

Fortunately, we live in an age where technological advances can free you up to offer better service and experiences than your competitors.

The GymNext Flex Timer is a key innovation in fitness technology, providing Box owners, Coaches and members alike a new, more efficient way to program their workouts.

Rather than using conventional remotes like traditional gym timers, the Flex Timer is controlled by a free app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Within the app, you have the ability to easily plan out your workouts with six highly-customizable timer modes – standard, round, interval, tabata, EMOM, laps – available wherever you happen to plan your WODs. Running the clock is a breeze and there’s no need to be a time keeper. Instead, take the extra time to interact with your members and ensure that they are safe and working hard.

Beyond the time savings, the Flex Timer adds a number of additional benefits for your Box:

  • Audio Sync — Synchronize the clock’s buzzer with your workout tunes using an external speaker system and have your music automatically fade in/out at the end of the rounds.
  • Timer Link — Link multiple timers in a gym together and run them simultaneously.
  • Heart Rate Display — Integrate an HR monitor for personal training sessions and see your member’s HR in real time.
  • Hands-Free Control — Control the timer from a smartwatch on your wrist.
  • Every Phone is a Remote — Let your members use their own devices during open gym times or set a secure code to keep the device for just your Coaches.
  • LED display, Bluetooth.

Join almost 1,000 gyms across North America in embracing the latest gym tech and provide your members with the best equipment and technology available today.

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