Greg Glassman on Launching the Physicians Network

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Imagine a map that allowed you to search for CrossFitting doctors.

It was an idea of Greg Glassman’s that became a reality when it launched on on March 10. The website post states:

The CrossFit Physicians Network is an opt-in directory published on the CrossFit map alongside CrossFit Affiliates and CrossFit seminars. Inclusion is open to all medical doctors (MD, DO or equivalent) who hold a valid CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate.

To find CrossFit physicians in your area, visit the map and sort by “Near You.” To apply for listing on the CrossFit Physicians Network, email for additional information and instruction.

“Ever since it got out we were congregating with CrossFit physicians — from the very first time we made mention of that anywhere — there’s been a deluge of requests from the CrossFitting public for access to these doctors,” said Glassman. “It’s just that simple.”

He explained there’s about 250 doctors currently on the list, with a couple hundred in the works of being added. And it’s the quality of the physicians on this list that is really astounding, shared Glassman.

What’s special about a CrossFit physician? In Glassman’s words, they know things about health, sickness, exercise, diet and chronic disease other physicians don’t. They don’t conform to the mainstream view. “We actually have a society of physicians that aren’t fooled by the mass delusion that’s supporting the runaway chronic disease we’ve got,” he said. 

Glassman brought up several conversations, including instances with him and his own staff, where a CrossFitter was searching for a doctor who understood the fitness regimen. “The membership at the Affiliates wanted it, and the doctors were eager for it, too,” shared Glassman. “I’m just brokering that arrangement with no expectations. I can tell you what I would do. I would do my best to find a CrossFitting physician.”

As for the future of the physicians network, Glassman said he won’t be surprised if it turns into something big and significant. “I would like it to grow and I would like the message of the CrossFitting doctors that not only is CrossFit not dangerous, but it’s essential in the sense for the organism’s development, to optimize function you need to restrict carbohydrate and exercise to some capacity that’s a stressor on your body so you get an adaptation, etc.,” he said. “All that is necessary, and having doctors that fly the CrossFit flag reinforcing that reinforces that message everywhere.”

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