A Google Virtual Tour is Worth a Thousand Words

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The Internet has completely changed the way people make decisions to buy. Continually adding new features to enhance the online viewer’s experience on your website can turn new leads into lifetime members.

One of the features you can add to enhance the experience on your Box’s website is Google Virtual Tours. This allows potential clients the ability to see inside your business from the comfort of their couch.

Cortney Cunningham, the owner of CrossFit Stimulus in Hampton, Virginia, was approached by a Google photographer interested in photographing her space. After about an hour worth of work, the 15,000-square foot facility was documented for the Google feature.

“It has been an awesome added feature because our gym is definitely something to look at,” said Cunningham. “We have a lot of space and a lot of equipment that makes for a very nice presentation when people come in, so having the virtual tour up on the website has definitely driven more traffic of people coming in the door. People are making more buying decisions over the phone or computer because they feel like they have already been here.”

Not all gyms are the size of CrossFit Stimulus, but Cunningham still encouraged Affiliates to keep the feature in consideration, as every gym has something unique about it.

“Even with a small, garage gym, there are a lot of people that like that and a virtual tour could be a bonus,” said Cunningham. “It could show the intimate, hands-on experience you can get — which a lot of people like. It gives the client a real experience and feel for your Box, much more in-depth than you get from going to a website. It’s an up-close and personal picture.”

Because Street View is a Google product, the virtual tour of your business can easily be added to your Google My Business account photos. This increases your visibility on Maps, Search and Google Plus.

“We look at our monthly reports of how many people come to our website, and those numbers have definitely went up since we added the virtual tour because we had more in-depth content,” said Cunningham.

To Create a Google Virtual Tour

  1. Head over to Google Street View’s website.
  2. Find a trusted professional photographer in your area by filtering through state and city.
  3. Send an inquiry to the photographer and let them handle the rest.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.