Are You a Good Communicator?


In an article from, “5 Super Effective Ways to Become a Great Communicator,” author Peter Economy shared several communication tips: know what you are talking about, listen more than you speak and pay attention to nonverbal communication.

Being a solid communicator is essential in this day and age. Think about it. How do you collaborate with people? Through communication. How do you express your ideas and opinions? Through communication. How do you teach your members? Through communication.

It’s a powerful tool, and one that needs to be honed, especially by your staff.

Your Coaches stand up in front of a class, communicating with members on a daily basis. But are they communicating clearly and effectively?

Here are a few seminars you can look into having you and your Coaches attend in order to build your communication skills:


SkillPath offers over 20,000 business seminars, from social media and administration to personal development. The communication seminars they provide cover various abilities and skill-building opportunities: helping attendees with attacking tough questions, how to maintain your composure, ways to effectively give bad news, how to increase levels of collaboration and more. SkillPath also offers resources like DVDs or CDs to help you and your staff further personal development.

Don’t want to send your Coaches to a weekend seminar? is an online collection of videos on numerous topics — technology, creativity, business, etc. It also offers a wide selection of video lessons on communication skills. Whether you need to know how to handle crises or just an “unruly audience,” for a subscription you and your Coaches can have access to dozens of communication lessons via video.

Pryor Learning Solutions, Inc.

The Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack division of Pryor Learning Solutions, Inc. offers multiple communication seminars. You can attend live seminars, audio conferences or webinars — they also offer books and CDs. Some of the skills you’ll learn are how to increase your influence, communicate powerfully, how to define issues and make effective decisions, etc.

These are only three options from the dozens out there. Learning how to coach the Snatch or pull-up is essential, but you and your Coaches can’t do that unless you know how to communicate effectively. Think outside of the box when it comes to personal development in your business, and you might just propel your Box into success.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at