Goat Busters at CrossFit Reform

Goat Busters

The members of CrossFit Reform were looking for more skill practice, and Eric Conner couldn’t give them extra time for it in class.

Members weren’t really interested in personal training sessions either. “So, we decided to make essentially a skills class,” said Conner, the owner of the Box in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. “Quality is always of the utmost importance to us in everything, so we decided that we would limit attendance and provide a great Coach-to-member ratio for a fraction of the cost of personal training. This way our members would get a great experience, and the staff would also be paid what they are worth.”

Conner wanted to brand the offering, so he reached out to a member who helped him come up with the name and logo: Goat Busters. In CrossFit, a “goat” is someone’s weakness, and the workshop was designed to help conquer those weaknesses. “Goat Busters was the perfect name for what we were doing,” he said.

As a staff, Conner explained the CrossFit Reform Coaches brainstormed what skills need both extra time and coaching in order for members to improve. In building the Goat Buster program, however, Conner learned what he thinks people need is not always what they want. “I would make sure that you implement skills that your members have shown an interest in,” he said. “If they are asking you multiple questions or working on [skills] after classes, that’s something to pay attention to.”

At CrossFit Reform, the staff tries to hold one Goat Buster class every month, but the overall interest is gauged through sign-ups. Conner said educating members on how they could benefit from attending a Goat Buster is helpful. He said addressing the member individually, before or after class, can paint a clearer picture for them about why they should attend a Goat Buster. “A lot of people partially check-out mentally when you are speaking to them as a group, but when talking one-on-one, they focus more and realize how it can help them,” said Conner.

Ultimately, Goat Busters is offered to benefit the Box’s members, help them achieve their goals and even expand their membership lifespan. But the offering has been a good addition to the gym’s overall revenue stream as well. “We brought Goat Busters into the business because it was something that would benefit our members by helping them reach their goals, but it would also give our staff and the business another revenue source at a great payout to the trainers,” said Conner. “It was essentially a win-win.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.