Go Turbo with Star Trac

Star Trac Turbo Trainer

Star Trac, the company that has introduced innovative products like the TreadClimber®, Max Rack® and the BoxMaster® has created a commercially designed, robust yet sleek and stylish air resistance bike – the Turbo Trainer™. This exciting new bike simultaneously delivers an upper and lower body workout through a distinctive isokinetic resistance mechanism that matches the user’s effort level. The faster the rider pedals, the more air is dispersed by the flywheel, creating a dynamic, motivating and uniquely challenging workout experience.

Air displacement technology is not new. In fact, it’s a proven modality that’s been around for decades in physical therapy studios, home gyms and fitness centers.

Offering isokinetic resistance and high resistance in short bursts of work, air bikes have regained popularity as a great complement to functional fitness-style programs, sports performance training or high intensity interval training (HIIT). Starting with the air resistance flywheel, Star Trac found ways to make the Turbo Trainer more durable through hours of testing. It’s also been designed to withstand the stresses placed on it by exercisers of any fitness level in any fitness setting, and it comes complete with a full commercial warranty to back it up.