Get Your Coaches a Protein Sponsor

Game Plan

Game Plan is NOT a supplement company. It’s a technology that was developed for Box owners to increase their bottom lines and boost membership. And it’s FREE for Affiliates. For now, anyways.

As Affiliates we should never allow our members to venture out to spend their money at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe,, etc. when we could be helping our sport and our own Box grow. Game Plan is committed to NEVER marketing products to your members. It relies on educating your Coaches to help members make informed choices.

The associated risks with carrying retail products at a Box are:

-It’s expensive to pay upfront for these supplements.

-Risk of theft.

-Inventory management.

Game Plan sets up a page for you, like, where you and your Coaches refer your members. Your members get 10 percent off and you get 20 percent of the sale paid monthly. It’s a way to have retail without paying for the product.

Game Plan’s products were formulated by a team of leading doctors, nutritionists, trainers and athletes specifically to increase athletic performance. Featuring all natural and science based ingredients, Game Plan’s products can be found in over 15 professional sports locker rooms (NBA, NFL, MLB). The products include:

-Pre and Post WOD (PUMP, RECOVERY)

-100 percent natural, non-GMO, hormone free WHEY PROTEIN (most mixable on planet)

-Catalyst Coffee

Game Plan also carries brands like:

-Kill Cliff and FitAID

-Best Bar Ever

-Lurong Living

Every athlete and member through your door can be a magnet or repellent. Magnets are people who enjoyed their first WOD and become lasting members. Repellents are the opposite: those who try and are either too tired to get through a WOD or too sore to come back again. Nutrition and supplementation can help create magnets, increasing your membership and making your members stay around longer.

Check out the “What is Game Plan?” video.

To apply to be approved as a Game Plan Box, click here. Or, you can expedite the process by emailing with the subject BOXPRO.