Get a KLEW on Work-Life Balance


Age is just a number.

We say that and tote it; but I wonder if many of us actually believe it? I know when I hear someone’s age I automatically stereotype them. If they are older, I think they are wise and should know more than me. If they are younger, I get dominion over them.

OK, not exactly, but I feel like they should listen to me and respect what I say.

However, that is not always the case. We’ve all met those people who are younger than us but could run a country. We’ve all met those people who are older than us and need adult supervision every waking moment.

Kathryn Lewis is one of those surprising people – on the younger end that is. Currently 27 years old, she opened her Affiliate at age 22. Five years in and she has a huge Box with a well-known brand. Chatting with her for the latest Box Talk episode, I knew it wasn’t all just luck. She has a powerful network behind her and a great head on her shoulders. The advice she gave — like learning how to just say no to members when need be — was beneficial. I could tell she’s learned a lot through the years. 

In fact, Lewis said one of the biggest struggles has been figuring out the work-life balance. Until she got a mentor and took seriously the need to step away from the Box for a minute, she was often overwhelmed and stressed out. Even now, one of her Coaches will have to remind her to relax when she shows up in the morning. But finding that balance has been a huge necessity and a must in avoiding burn out.

So as you listen to the episode below, ask yourself how are you pursuing work-life balance? How are you defying stereotypes? And how are you building a well-known brand?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at