Get a Grip with Gripad

GripadThe focus in a Box is on getting fit and crushing goals, but sometimes an athlete’s hands are the collateral damage. There are great advantages to having intense grip strength and building callouses to adapt, but why frustrate office workers and newbies with hand injuries while waiting for their hands to transform into muscle-hardened steel? If injuries prevent them from even one WOD, the positive momentum could be lost. The greater the resiliency of new members, the more likely they will refer friends and you will have a perpetually growing Box membership. It’s a small price for a great reward.

Gripad workout gloves are ideal for CrossFit athletes. They protect your hands and easily slip off for exercises where they are not needed. The minimum coverage and maximum protection reduces sweat so when transferring to burpees and ball work hand friction is not an issue. Buy Gripads to sell in your Box or just leave them by the pull-up bar to assist new members. Their hands and motivation will undoubtedly translate into greater revenue and membership resiliency.

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