Gerries and Juvies Competition Creates Community

There’s nearly a competition every weekend for CrossFitters, but when it comes to the Masters division finding a competition gets a little more difficult. At Old Colony CrossFit in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, they have remedied this problem by hosting a competition that brings athletes from two age divisions together.

Gerries and Juvies is a co-ed team competition, with one member on the team being from the Masters age division, and one member 39 years old or younger. Owner Michael Landry explained that their Box was looking for a unique competition to host when they thought of Gerries and Juvies.

“Everyone does same-sex or Jack and Jill competitions,” said Landry. “We usually have a Masters division at all our competitions, which people really think is great because there’s not too many Masters division competitions out there. When coming up with our next team competition we were like, ‘Oh, why don’t we do an old and a young one, there’s not really any out there in that style?’ Our members came up with the name and everything.”

To program the workouts for the competition, Landry used past partner WODs done at their gym. They offered an RX’d and Scaled division for the 35 teams that competed, but tried to keep it fun for everyone involved.

“They were workouts everyone really liked to do,” said Landry. “For instance, the second WOD was a squat Clean ladder that each team had 90 seconds to get through as quickly as possible. I like to program partner WODs so that people really have to think about how they are going to break up the movements and who is stronger on what movement. That way it’s not just throwing a bunch of moves together; I try to get a bit more strategy behind it.”

Seeing as how there weren’t many members at Old Colony CrossFit in the Master’s division it was important for Landry to get the word out to his community about the competition. He made quick use of social media as a way to reach out to Boxes not within close proximity to Pawtucket.

“I boosted the post on Facebook about the event,” said Landry. “I posted on a couple of Facebook pages for Northeast competitions and a couple other websites that are out there. I also spent a couple afternoons posting on every Box’s Facebook page that I could find in the New England area.”

Gerries and Juvies allowed two divisions of athletes to finally be able to compete together. Landry said they have hope for more competitions to come in Old Colony CrossFit’s future. “Hosting competitions and having everyone come in really builds a community between our area, and that’s exactly what we want,” he said.

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