Gearing Up Your Gym for Success

Gearing your gym up for success.

Personality. Your trainers’ personalities play a big role in your gym. Trainers must be on point, positive, personable and willing to help the members of your gym reach their goals. By having these traits, your trainers will create a motivating atmosphere. Make sure your trainers are able to encourage each individual member for their needs in a realistic manor. Trainers should have great knowledge on how to use equipment and the benefits of the equipment to better assist your members. Set individual goals for your members, track their progress and let them know when they are falling behind. Caring for each member at a personal level will be difficult, but this is why you must build a team of dedicated trainers. Once your members feel that your trainers truly care, they will recommend your gym and feel more comfortable inside your gym. Trainers are supposed to represent your gym; make sure they are trained to represent your gym how you would like it to be perceived.

Equipment. Gyms are known for what they have to offer. You need to offer the most beneficial equipment that will allow your members to keep coming back and be happy about their workout. Make sure you have effective equipment. Many gyms are full of equipment, but is all of this equipment put to use? If your members are not using your equipment what is the point? It is best to have equipment that you know your members will use. If you put new products in your gym make sure your members know how to use them. Once again that is where trainers can be helpful; have them teach your members about the new equipment. They can also explain the benefits of the equipment, something members will love to know. If you have many members who travel you should set up a pro shop. Having a pro shop will allow your members to stay motivated while they are away. This will allow them to continue reaching their goals and they will continue to be motivated to come back to your gym.

 Pro Shop. Stock your pro shop with cool, new products. Be sure to have demos out for use as this will increase your sales. Train your employees to understand how to use each product and the benefit of each product. Carry small items your members can travel with. Do not overprice your items; if you do, most likely they will go to a local sporting store instead. Offer your new members deals in the pro shop; offer deals to old members who bring in new members. Make sure you have quality equipment; you need to provide only the best for the members of your gym. Having a pro shop will keep your members motivated in your gym and at home. A successful pro shop will bring you a successful gym.


By Daneen Solomon, VP of Marketing & Sales at DFX . Contact Daneen at