The Frustrations of Bad Coaches

Courtesy of Shutterstock.comGood and bad Coaches exist just like good and bad anything. Not everyone is going to be great at his or her chosen path. But, in coaching and training, when a person doesn’t fit the position it can be glaring.

Which leads me to the question: Do you have poor Coaches?

I’m sure you’re shaking your head “no” right now looking at the screen. Every Affiliate has to possess a certain level of faith in the Coaches at their gym. I mean, you hired them, so you probably feel like that would be a direct reflection on yourself.

Having bad Coaches is not a representation of who you are. You probably feel that if you admit to yourself that you have a bad apple it’s a reflection of your hiring, training or eye for talent. Neither could be more untrue.

In publishing I’ve met a lot of great people that I would love to have on my team. Some even showcase the skills necessary to be significant players on my staff. However, they don’t all actually fit. And, yes, sometimes I don’t realize this until months and months post hire.

What can be your fault is you’re inability to identify your weaknesses. As a business owner, being truthful with yourself can be the first step in leading a team and having success.

Now, hopefully you’re spending some time thinking a little deeper. Maybe you’re analyzing one or two of your Coaches in a different light. But, you’re also saying, “what do I do?”

Stop. Breathe.

Recognizing that you may possibly have a poor Coach is the first step to success. Although, as a leader it’s your job to rectify the situation, and that doesn’t mean firing an employee.

Bad coaching, although not a reflection of you, can be fixed by you, or other Coaches in your gym. Your first step should be to hold a Coaches conference during off hours. In this meeting you’re not looking to point fingers, but to revisit the core values of your Box and how your Coaches are expected to present themselves.

You need to set guidelines for your Coaches. How you expect them to engage members and how they are to act during classes.

Next, design evaluations. As a professional with employees it’s important for you to evaluate performance. No, this isn’t corporate America, but accountability will make your gym and your members extremely happy. When you evaluate the bad Coach, spend time helping, not critiquing. Set standards for him or her and aspects of the job they can strive towards. Having performance goals for each Coach can help give them a direction and a path for success. Remember, this isn’t corporate nonsense, it’s how successful businesses develop top-of-the-line employees.

As you begin to set standards and evaluations, you’ll begin to see certain Coaches jumping higher to reach their mark. You’ll see others examining themselves and striving to be better. Depending on the level of your bad Coach, you’ll either see improvement or they will leave.

People that don’t like to be pushed won’t stay in an environment where they are being asked to perform. Additionally, people that aren’t willing to do whatever to help your gym will eventually work themselves out of a job.

These are a few easy steps to ensure you have quality Coaches. Possessing solid Coaches is your best line of defense for members leaving, as well as your first line in offense for gaining new members. Poor Coaches can be like a virus. Say they begin with your small, late morning class and those members start to leave. Next, you move them to an evening class because the class size was dwindling – then you see that class do the same.

Before you know it the one Coach has caused your attrition rate to plummet. It’s important as a leader that you can identify problems within your gym. You need to be able to objectively evaluate everyone and focus on the numbers that make your Box successful.

Finally, there isn’t a need to make knee jerk reactions in firing employees. You’re probably close to these people and you want the best for them. What’s best for you is to identify, evaluate and reset your gym’s values. Hold your Coaches accountable and your problems will begin to work themselves out. Hopefully before your members work themselves into another gym.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.