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Mentoring seems to be the name of the game this year. And PushPress is following suite with PushStart.

“This is our free mentoring program led by CrossFit legend, Zach Forrest,” said Dan Uyemura, the CEO of PushPress, a gym management software. “He’s put together this free ‘Business 101’ course to get gym owners understanding how to become a better core business owner.”

PushStart is just one of PushPress’ newest offerings as the company strives to make its goal known. “We really want gym owners to understand that as a company our No. 1 goal is to stand beside them and help make them more successful,” said Uyemura.

Here’s an inside look into PushStart, how it was developed and what it can offer you, the Affiliate owner:

Box Pro: How did you come up with PushStart and get Zach Forrest involved?

DU: Seeing gyms closing down, when their mission was so important to their local communities, seemed unjust to us. So, the first part of the equation is to give them a cost-effective solution that can put them on the same playing field as larger gyms.  

The next part of the equation was to help them understand some of the core tenants of business that will help them get moving in the right direction. This is where PushStart comes in.

We’ve known Zach forever – and when we heard he lost his gym due to a lease situation, we reached out to see if he wanted to help the cause. One of the reasons he lost the gym is that the CBD and legal cannabis situation in Las Vegas is eating up all of the warehouse space, and landlords are looking to cash in.

Zach shares our vision in that he really wants to help gyms succeed, so the fit was perfect. After a few months of working with gyms to learn the best way to go about this, we’ve finally found something we’re ready to start releasing to the world.

BP: Why are you offering it?

DU: Many of the gyms we’re seeing struggling or going under need the most basic of guidance to get themselves on their feet. 

Most gym owners are in the game due to the passion of fitness and helping people. Very few of them got into gym ownership to be businesspeople. The harsh reality is you have to have some business acumen to remain in business, and you need to have great business acumen to do well.

We see PushStart as our help to the gym ownership community. This program has been designed to get a gym owner – who’s willing to put in the work – from struggling to stable.  

BP: Can you highlight some key mentoring points PushStart gives?

  • Beliefs and Core Value Setting
  • Operations and Systems
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Staff Development
  • Revenue Streams
  • Financial Management
  • Culture and Branding

BP: How will this benefit the owner?

DU: The goal is to try to get gym owners some “a-ha” moments and key concepts under their belts and in their targets. Give them some core understanding to the basic things they need to do to get their gym on track.

Two of the beta clients who went through PushStart with Zach achieved 50% or more revenue growth in eight weeks. The results were amazing and likely not typical.

BP: How can they get involved in PushStart?

DU: Visit

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