Four Tips to Excel at PR


Do you need to know anything about public relations (PR)?

As a small business owner, you may think PR is for the big companies out there. However, at its core PR is about creating a buzz around your business. You want to get the word out there about what you’re doing — and you want what is said about you to be positive.

Below are several tips when it comes to invoking PR in your small business today, minus any special training or staff:

  1. Tell stories. Your brand, your gym, has a plethora of stories to be told. Whether it’s the mom working out to find stress relief from three wild children, the guy who’s lost 120 pounds or the 74-year-old who simply wants to be able to get up if she falls, there are so many stories to share. They represent your brand and what your business stands for. Make sure your local community knows.
  2. Create a perfect pitch. Pitching might seem like a foreign concept, but what do you do every day when a new member walks in the door? You pitch them your sales pitch. PR isn’t much different. When you reach out to other business owners to partner with, or want media coverage of your event, you will have to make a pitch. You want to perfect this prior to using it. Tell your brand’s story in a short and sweet manner. Grab people’s attention. And make sure to practice before you start running around town with your pitch.
  3. Be responsive. Nothing is worse than sending out an email asking for coverage or an opportunity to pitch you business/product, only to never respond when they get back to you. If that means getting organized with who you’re emailing via a Google excel sheet, do it. When local businesses and media outlets realize you’re reliable in terms of response, they will more likely pick up your ideas when you email them. Thus, more coverage for your brand.
  4. Put up a press page. This page on your website can house company bios, press releases, facts and history of your Box, blog posts, etc. If you want the local community to know about you, make it easy for other businesses and media outlets to share the details. Make them accessible; and make sure they tell your story.

You don’t need a PR person to run rampant in the PR world. Know your brand and start telling your story today.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at