Four Buying-Bulk Tips


It is no secret buying wholesale will help you save money, but there are several other factors besides getting a good deal that should be considered before making a bulk purchase. Check out the tips below for more information on how to save money and buy products you can depend on.

1. Dependability: Do you know who you are doing business with? Having a good relationship with your wholesaler is critical to buying in bulk. While it may be easy to buy a product online via an automated service, it will not be able to answer questions or show it cares about your company. Take the time to find a wholesaler you not only like, but also trust.

2. Quality: Just because you are saving money does not mean the product is of high quality. Make sure you work with the seller to ensure you are getting the best quality products by either asking about the ingredients/production standards, or requesting a sample of the product be sent to you. Any reputable seller will work with you to ensure materials are up to your standards and will guarantee satisfaction. Remember, once the product has your logo, it is your reputation at stake.

3. Simplicity: In today’s world, there are many options when it comes to purchasing a product. Why not make it as simple as possible, without forgoing quality? Work with a seller that takes the time to get to know you, your business and your needs. Your wholeseller should take the time to set up the product specifications and order process to make it as painless and simple as possible.

4. In today’s competitive market, quality and customer service are key. Make sure you are working with the right company to get the best possible wholesale experience. The same way you want your customers to be happy, you should expect the most out of your experience.


By George Kunhardt. George Kunhardt is the CEO of Goat Tape, LLC. For more information about Goat Tape visit, or reach him at