Four Barrel’s Facebook Strategy


When it comes to Four Barrel CrossFit’s Facebook, there is a strategy: “Tell the story of our community,” said Case Belcher, the owner of the Box in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Affiliate said they look to post to Facebook one to two times each day, and they have two types of posts. The first is the “Member of the Week” post.

“Each week, we pick a member who is crushing it, in terms of attendance, attitude and community, and crown them Member of the Week,” said Belcher. “Their name goes on a board at the gym. We give them a small goodie bag, and we write a two to three-sentence post congratulating them on Facebook.”

Typically, these types of posts perform 90 percent better than other ones on the page, Belcher explained. In his opinion, posts like this do well because they represent a community of people who want to see friends and family doing exceptional things.

He said the second type of post deals with member accolades. “We just search for those moments where we see someone achieving a goal, or doing something exceptional, and we try to capture that moment and put it on social media, said Belcher. “I think the important point is that it doesn’t need to always be the guy that Snatches 250 pounds. It can be the guy who gets his first pull-up, or the mom-to-be who is still tackling the daily WOD even though she’s eight months pregnant.”

Belcher gave three big tips for Affiliates when it comes to using Facebook for their business:

1. Plan out the week, and then fill in where need be.

“I keep a spreadsheet that looks very similar to our programing sheet, with Monday to Friday of each week in the columns and two to three cells for posts each day,” said Belcher. “I plug in the general things we want to push for the week and then backfill and move things around when something unexpected or post-worthy happens (e.g. someone gets that first pull-up).”

2. Create challenges that involve social media.

“We’re currently in the middle of a three-month nutrition challenge,” explained Belcher. Each week, we post a mini challenge for members to complete then post a picture showing the completion of that mini challenge with a specific hashtag. This way, members are posting about us and we’re not just pushing things through our business page. Thus, it reaches more people.”

3. Monitor the conversation.

“A big part of managing your social media/online reputation is being an active part of the conversations people are having about you,” said Belcher. You’ll typically get a notification when people mention your brand or comment on one of your posts. Respond professionally to those comments and make it a two-way conversation.”

This member accolade post at Four Barrel CrossFit got over 1,600 views.

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