Four Areas to Keep Clean in Your Gym

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Member safety and health is more than just determining what weight they are going to use in a WOD. It comes down to the cleanliness of your gym.

Did you know viruses that cause the flu and cold linger on surfaces for up to 24 hours? Other viruses, like those that cause stomach bugs, can exist for more than a month. And let’s not even go into the fungi, streptococcus and other germs that can grow in the bathroom.

As such, you need to keep your Box sparkling clean. Not only will it keep members safe, but it’ll make a good impression on prospects when they walk through your doors. Below are several areas in your gym with tips on how to keep them clean:

Wipe Down Equipment and Surfaces

Use disinfectant wipes and sprays on your equipment daily. Get your members involved wiping down equipment as well.

Other counter space, handles, etc. need to be wiped down daily as well.

Clean Your Bathrooms and Showers

Remember when Greg Glassman said you can judge a gym by the state of its bathroom? He wasn’t kidding. Encourage members to wear flip flops and sandals when showering. Clean the bathroom daily, which means sweeping the floors, scrubbing the toilets and showers, and wiping down every other surface, including handles. Also consider adding a dehumidifier to these spaces, preventing water vapor from building up. recommends a color-coded cleaning system for your towels, buckets, etc. This way, you can prevent cross contamination of the tools you use to clean the bathroom with the ones you use to clean the rest of the gym.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Vacuuming up debris every day can be cumbersome, but it’s necessary. And proper floor care doesn’t stop there. shared three steps to properly clean a rubber floor:

  • First, vacuum up the surface dirt. They do a better job than sweeping ever will.
  • Next, spray the floor with a neutral cleaner.
  • Finally, give the floor a wet cleaning. You can use dual surface extractors, or auto scrubbers/rotary machines.

Dual surface extractors blast away dirt with pressurized water, and then immediately pick up the debris with a squeegee wand. Auto scrubbers come in a wide variety of brush/soft pad types; you’ll have to test out which is best on your floor.

In the Details

Emptying trash, cleaning drinking fountains, wiping off any touch screens or keyboards, and keeping your office space clean are all finer points of cleaning in your gym that still matter. ServiceMaster gives a great checklist to use when cleaning up the different areas of your Box.

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