Formula O2 Partners with Europa Sports

formula O2

Formula O2, an emerging, non-carbonated recovery drink sold at world-class retailers such as Whole Foods Market and Rogue Fitness, has announced a partnership with Europa Sports, the country’s largest wholesale distributor of high-quality health and sports nutrition products to gyms and specialty stores. The partnership is expected to result in thousands of new, lasting relationships with gyms, health foods stores and specialty retailers across the country, many of which have been waiting for an opportunity to carry formula O2.

“When we launched formula O2 two years ago, we were a small operation run out of the back of my Prius. Since then, we’ve taken a grassroots approach to become a top seller in nearly 200 gyms and natural foods stores in our home state of Ohio and a few other neighboring states,” said Dave Colina, the founder and president of formula O2. “We’ve been extremely selective about finding the right partner to help us reach a larger fan base. As a result, we’re thrilled to now be able to provide a wholesale solution to the many gyms and nutrition stores that may have heard about O2 but couldn’t offer it to their customers until now.”

“We’re excited to bring formula O2 onboard,” said Eric Hillman, the co-chief executive officer of Europa Sports. “We’re always looking for innovative products that are tailored to our various types of customers.” Europa will be offering formula O2 to its clients that want to carry a healthier alternative to typical sports and energy drinks. Formula O2 was designed by a CrossFit instructor and a physician for exactly that reason. Both flavors of formula O2 – Grapefruit Ginger and Orange Mango – contain nothing artificial and include natural caffeine, two times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, and added oxygen to help the liver process toxins faster.

“The fit with Europa became clear after speaking with key members of their team over the course of several months,” noted Colina. “We’re building a business with honesty, humility and fearlessness as its central tenants, and everyone we talked with from Europa embodied just that.”

The partnership offers formula O2 access to over 14,000 health clubs, CrossFit gyms and specialty retail chains that proudly call themselves Europa clients.

For more information, please contact Dave Colina at or 614.321.9852. Or contact Tammy Tufty at or 704.405.2022.