Focusing on Beating Your Own Business

beating your own business

“Good enough” is a dangerous place to be.

For weeks, my company spent time reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Now, we’ve picked up another of his works, “Built to Last.” Many of the concepts are similar to “Good to Great” but this focuses on once you have a great company, how do you keep it around?

While I’m just diving in, one of his initial points struck me as something that needed to be shared to Box Pro’s audience. In the first chapter, he shares 12 myths that are common about lasting companies.

So, I want to talk about Myth 10:

“The most successful companies focus primarily on beating the competition.”

Read Collins’ response slowly: “Visionary companies focus primarily on beating themselves. Success and beating competitors comes to the visionary companies not so much as the end goal, but as the residual result of relentlessly asking the question, ‘How can we improve ourselves to do better tomorrow than we did today?’ And they have asked this question day in and day out – as a disciplined way of life – in some cases for over 150 years. No matter how much they achieve – no matter how far in front of their competitors they pull – they never feel like they’ve done ‘good enough.’”

They focus on beating themselves. They aren’t worried about the competition; they are aware of course. You need to know the brutal facts after all. But ultimately, Collins found visionary companies are laser-focused on their goals. We’ve always tried to apply this at Peake Media, even when competition arises. If we know what we stand for and what we’re good at, we are only going to be beat by ourselves.

Not Good Enough

Plus, the idea of never being good enough should give you plenty of competition within your own four walls. There is probably so much to improve if you only focused on what you’re doing instead of the Box around the corner.

It’s funny that I’m reading this now. My gym owner said something along these lines in our staff meeting this past weekend: “I don’t care what the other gyms in our area are doing. I don’t care what boutique fitness studio opens up next to us. I care about our members and helping them reach a life of possibility.”

It was inspirational to hear him say that and set the tone as we chatted about retention. So, are you focused on your competition, Affiliate? Or are you worried about your goals?

Evaluate and pivot if necessary to focus on beating your own business.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at