Putting the Focus on Member Experience at BRICK


It’s common for CrossFit Boxes to look for other streams of revenue they can bring into their business outside of the general membership rates. Many will choose to sell supplements, offer individualized design and more to grow their bottom line.

However, the founder of BRICK, Jarrett Perelmutter, said rather than running the risk of getting distracted by every unique opportunity to make a little extra money, they put all their eggs in one basket — member experience.

“We are asked all the time to do supplement lines, enhanced wearables and even more consumables,” said Perelmutter. “We have found to our own success that just providing the simple offerings of those items is the perfect amount to sustain the buy-in by the members and keep them engaged. We see too many facilities who spend more time on what shirt to sell next then they do on how to make their member experience better. So our theory in short is if it doesn’t move the member needle we don’t get involved.”

Moving that member needle is accomplished in a few different ways at BRICK. Below, Perelmutter gave Box Pro his top 10 list that he follows to make sure he is giving his members the best experience they can get at BRICK:

  1. Creating and ensuring a safe and fun environment.
  2. Quality of class programming. Make sure it’s all inclusive — programming for the 99 percent, not the one percent who think they are going to Regionals.
  3. Reinvest into the location regularly.
  4. The member isn’t always right, but it’s always right to listen to the member.
  5. Know your purpose and remind yourself of it every morning.
  6. Make sure your staff is on your team. Have a clear and concise message that is consistent across all Coaches and front desk staff.
  7. Keep your gym clean and bathrooms stocked.
  8. Always be positive!
  9. Don’t just praise your staff, pay your staff. Nothing will cost you more than free labor.
  10. Run your business like a leader. How do you know if you aren’t? Look alongside you and behind you. If nobody is standing there, well then you are just an asshole with an ego, and probably soon to be broke.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.