Fix Tendinitis in Your Arms and Elbows with Armaid

Everyone should have the means to heal and maintain their own arm, elbow and hand health. We provide the means to do that for a lifetime.” — mission statement, The Armaid Company, Inc.

Give your Box members the therapy tool that Kelly Starrett calls “super dope” and “legit” for solving and relieving arm problems.

Tight muscles are the reason for most repetitive strain and tendinitis injuries. Two things that make Armaid effective for relieving tight muscles are:

Leverage – With this tool you can deliver unlimited pressure and relief anywhere on your arm, including biceps and triceps, without fatigue. Four unique roller attachments provide the right intensity for any arm complaint.

Technique – Users learn how to do active release/trigger point therapy from a sports therapist using the short instructional videos that come with an Armaid purchase. The user learns how to be their own therapist.

Box owners can join the Armaid Affiliate Program to earn commissions or join the Armaid Wholesale Program for reselling at their Box. Look for the Armaid ad in this publication with a one-time, 50 percent discount for Box owners who want to try the Complete Armaid.

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