Five Tips to Increase Your Website Gainz

Website gainz.

Creating an effective gym website isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t exactly easy either. We’ve put together a short list of high-impact changes you can make to your website to increase its overall effectiveness and help you get more members. Feel free to also check out our marketing blog for more tips.

  1. Make Sure Your Contact Info is EasilyAccessible

Your phone number and email address should be the first and last thing that someone sees when they get to your website. If you’re running your gym like a business, then people expect for you to have contact information, and if people have a hard time finding this information, they will wonder if this is actually just a hobby for you.

  1. Stop Treating Your Blog Like a 1999 MySpace Page

If your blog posts have any of the following, you need to cut it out immediately: center-aligned content, more than two color fonts, multiple styles of fonts in a blog post, lists that aren’t bulleted/numbered, photos that don’t fit the content area or cause massive negative space on either side of the photo, or multiple photos in a blog post.

  1. AutomateYour Free Intro Sign-up Process

Your prospects should be able to schedule a free intro session by themselves. If you have someone on your website that’s interested in getting started, why on earth would you not want to capture that opportunity immediately? If they have to email you, then you’re letting your lead get cold because we all know you’re busy coaching a decent amount of the time. If you use ZenPlanner or WODIFY, this feature is already available to you. If you don’t use either of those, sign up for and make your prospects’ lives easier.

  1. Stop Publishing Your Workouts to Your Homepage

When someone new comes in to your gym, you don’t walk them up to a set of rings and tell them to do a muscle-up, and you don’t put them next to a 200-pound bar and ask them to Snatch it. Why not? Because they aren’t physically ready to do these things and showing them may only intimidate them. Publishing your workouts to your homepage is doing roughly the same thing. Your homepage should be speaking directly to new members, not intimidating them with weights they can’t lift and movements they’ve never heard of.

  1. Promote Your Free Intro Signup Like Your Business Depends On It

Why? Because your business actually does depend on it. Let’s face it: you most likely aren’t the only gym in town (and if you are, enjoy it while you can!). Most Affiliates report that 80 percent of the people that come in for a free intro end up joining, so the more people you can properly motivate to come in for the free intro, the more members you’ll get. And trust me, people are visiting your site because they are looking for a change. If you don’t convert them, then another Affiliate will.

Need Help? Maybe you’re ready to set some new website PRs using these new tips but don’t know where to get started. Contact us and we’ll give you a free website assessment and an affordable quote to get you moving in the right direction!