Fitmoo: Social Media for Fitness

Fitmoo website

Facebook is failing the CrossFit community, thought Jeff Dyment.

“What I experienced with CrossFit is it’s an extremely social marketplace, an extremely social experience,” said Dyment. “But any time I would walk in a Box I would notice that some of the classes were unfilled, I didn’t know half the people in the classes, and I noticed also that the gym owners, the Box owners, were quite under resourced. And what I mean by that is they didn’t have a lot of excess capital to spend on marketing and sales. They didn’t have a lot of money to spend on building their own social system.”

Out of this realization, the new social media platform Fitmoo was born.

“We took the very best and most popular parts of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we boiled it down to a simple to use platform that’s built specific to the fitness industry, and even more specific to CrossFit,” said Rob Orlando, the lead CrossFit ambassador of Fitmoo.

It has been nearly three years since Dyment brought the idea of Fitmoo to Orlando, owner of CrossFit Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, Connecticut. Facebook had become cumbersome to Orlando. He explained that after his career as a CrossFit athlete took off, so did his following on the popular social media website. However, he soon found he would have to pay to boost posts to get his messages out to all of his followers. That, among other things, led him to jump onboard with Fitmoo.

Like most social media platforms out there, you can share statuses, post photos and join your CrossFit gym and its community. But, Fitmoo also has a specific tab for your workouts, tracking every WOD, run, etc. that you do. Plus, there are opportunities for every athlete, Box and average Joe to endorse and sell products. In fact, if you endorse a product and someone purchases it because they found it in your Fitmoo shop, you will receive 5 percent of the profit. Eventually, the website will even allow users to shop by specific athletes, looking at what their favorite CrossFitter endorses and buys.

Alongside NorCal, CrossFit New England, CrossFit Milford and more, CrossFit Hybrid Athletics has put Fitmoo to the test in its own community. “It creates a dialogue, a running dialogue, with your members throughout the course of the day,” said Orlando. “It’s just been an amazing vehicle of communication with our gym”

Dyment and Orlando envision Fitmoo to eventually act as a Box’s main website. With so many CrossFit gyms opening on a small budget, Orlando pointed out not many can afford to hire a website designer to produce a great online presence. “We want this to be a one stop shop. We want this to be your website, your Facebook page, your Instagram page, this is your online store, this is your gym management software program,” said Orlando. “This is everything you need to start your gym and to run your gym effectively.”

Dyment also said Coaches find it useful when it comes to interacting with clients, fans and followers. “They could activate them and get to evangelize and socialize what they love most about that class experience,” said Dyment.

Having already prebuilt about 13,000 Affiliate profiles, Dyment and Orlando are nearly ready to do the final rollout of their creation.

While the only money made by the company is from transactions on the site — Fitmoo makes 10 percent on gear or apparel sales and 2.5 percent on events, services, classes, etc. — what then is their reward for all of the sweat and blood that has gone into building Fitmoo?

“We benefit from building a healthy community of millions of people,” said Dyment.


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