Fitmoo, Inc. Launches a First for the Fitness Industry


Fitmoo, Inc. recently announced the launch of the Fitmoo social commerce platform, creating the first agnostic technology platform to organize, socialize and monetize the fitness industry.

“Built on top of a social framework, Fitmoo is an entirely new distribution concept coined ‘social distribution.’ Using Fitmoo’s proprietary ‘endorsement’ feature, influencers have an opportunity to turn their followings into a business,” said Jeff Dyment, founder and CEO of Fitmoo, in a press release.

Democratizing distribution through social networks, Fitmoo provides a solution for merchandise to get distributed to a global audience of active lifestyle participants who evangelize and socialize what they love, including gear, apparel and nutrition products. Fitmoo offers a low/no-cost means to distribute product.

“Brands and merchants now have direct access to massive armies of like-minded shoppers and distributors, directly and through social influencers, that they can target and incentivize without having to build elaborate or expensive technology solutions themselves,” said Dyment. “Fitmoo is simply connecting everyone with an industry leading technology platform that allows for these connections to result in sales and earnings for the brands and the referring party.”

For the first time, fitness brands can now distribute through their most loyal customers while social influencers can engage and activate their networks in new ways, all while creating a real revenue stream for themselves. The larger their network, the more they can earn.

One of the early adopter groups to embrace Fitmoo has been the CrossFit community. “In CrossFit, the top athletes are training up to eight hours a day while working a full-time a job,” said Rob Orlando, a former professional CrossFit athlete turned entrepreneur in the sport. “Only one or two athletes are able to sustain themselves through sponsorships, and most of these athletes have highly engaged social communities. Fitmoo puts athletes and brands in a position to leverage that engagement. It’s an absolute game-changer for athletes, gyms and brands.”

Orlando, who is now a brand and gym owner, also notes that for new CrossFit Affiliates, Fitmoo eliminates the need to invest in an online store and in maintaining multiple social media channels. He anticipates that athletes and brands in endurance and outdoor sports that face similar challenges will be quick to follow suit.

Fitmoo enables active lifestyle consumers to:

  •  Socialize and interact; create groups; join existing groups; and post pictures, videos and other content to share with their friends on their free social feed.
  • Discover new products, gear, classes and events.
  • Connect with new like-minded friends.
  • Communicate with their favorite trainers and peers; purchase classes, sessions, apparel accessories, gadgets and equipment.
  • Shop by athlete where they can purchase the brands, gear and nutrition products that these influencers use most.
  • Connect, socialize and make money by endorsing the products they love most, and earn commission on anything that sells through their personal social channels.
  • Earn consistent dollar-based distribution fees for whatever they distribute, credited directly to their accounts on Fitmoo, redeemable anytime with one click.
  • Link Instagram accounts.
  • Link their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Customize their fitness calendar and record their fitness journey by posting.
  • Create groups and build a following.

It enables brands, merchants and service providers to:

  • Naturally enlist fitness influencers, followers and brand fans to endorse and sell their products.
  • Distribute at a much lower cost when compared to traditional wholesale distribution (10 percent to 15 percent versus 50 percent or more).
  • Have complete control over the pricing of their products, shipping cost charges and other product attributes, with dynamic pricing controls.
  • Free listing of an unlimited number of products and services on their storefronts on Fitmoo.

 It enables athletes, fitness instructors and gyms to:

  • Enjoy a low-cost, turnkey solution to socialize and interact with their fans or customers, build sticky communities, expanding their visibility and make more money.

 Fitmoo’s business model is to be the technology platform that connects fitness-minded people with people, brands with customers, and influencers with fans, allowing them to form connections, have fun and make money.

Fitmoo plans to roll out added features and services in phases, including discount codes, custom commission structures, class and event registration, workout tabs, universal membership options, check-ins and even fitness dating.

Integrated with channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google, anyone can create a Fitmoo login by visiting or by downloading the Fitmoo mobile app. Merchants can also apply to sell on Fitmoo by going to