Finding the Facebook Pulse


The surrounding community has a pulse, and Chennelle Miller said Affiliates must have a finger on it. One way to do so is through your Box’s Facebook page.

“It’s just so easy to see who your demographic is,” said Miller, the Affiliate of Raleigh CrossFit in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In fact, Milena Regos, the principal of Out&About Marketing – a social media and digital marketing consultancy — said Facebook provides a powerful analytic tool. “Being able to understand what your audience consists of, how they interact with your content and what content resonates the most with your audience will enable you to reach more people and expose your business to a much larger audience than your page likes,” said Regos.

However, your Facebook success can only be determined once goals are set. And different goals will dictate what data needs to be analyzed. For example, if your goal deals with brand awareness, Regos said to track likes, average reach and the impressions of the page. Each month, compare average reach and total impressions. If your goal deals with brand engagement, Regos said to first export the data by clicking a button found under the Insights tab. She said to then look at total engagement — the total number of comments, likes and shares that month — and the monthly number of engaged users.

A page’s engagement rate is another tricky data point, but Regos explained you can calculate it by dividing the number of engaged users per post into the total reach for the same post. Although it might take time to figure out these numbers, Regos said it’s worth the effort. “Best performing content is important to know to help you improve your content strategy in the future,” she said.

By looking at what people are engaging with and what times are better to post, Miller can determine what her audience likes best. But, Facebook can reach more than just your current members. “To me, [Facebook is] a great way to utilize what you do in the gym and extend photos and videos to other people who may not know what CrossFit is,” she said.

Miller does her best to highlight what her community is doing, posting two to three times a day about what’s going on in the gym.

Most importantly, Miller said you need to use your Facebook page to its full advantage. “Be involved every day,” she said. “It’s extra work, but it’s worth it because it really shows that you care about your Affiliate, not just your community, but outside of that. It helps you become stronger.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at