Finding Your Super Sidekick

A sidekick in your business might be what you need.Some of the most famous characters are duos: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Bert and Ernie.

You know why pairs are famous? Why they stick out? Because of how they balance each other, how they are each other’s sounding board, and how they succeed in being that for one another. Bert is what Ernie isn’t. Dr. Watson sees what Sherlock doesn’t. Heck, Chewbacca and Han Solo aren’t even the same species and they would die for one another!

My point is, they all need that partner in crime that makes them stronger than they would be alone.

A while back, one of our bloggers wrote about why you need a mentor. This blog is similar. While I’m not exactly saying that you need a mentor however, I’m saying you do need a sounding board, or rather, a sidekick.

We’re all blind in some areas of observation or skill. However, when you have someone that you can seek a trusted opinion from, you are sure to turn your faults and weaknesses into strengths.

See, Sherlock — though incredibly awesome — needs Dr. Watson to provide another viewpoint. Dr. Watson can offer his two cents and honest opinion; if Sherlock worked alone, whom could he continually rely upon for those types of things? As humans, we are bound to miss something even if we alone try to look at a problem from every angle.

Plus, your Chewbacca could be someone who lets you know when you’re being hotheaded or stubborn. Whether it be a significant other, a best friend or even your head Coach, you need someone to provide objective observations about your business, your employees and even yourself.

So, take a moment for yourself this week. Sit down in your office or hide in a closet. Make a list of people who you think will give you honest criticism that will help build you up. Think about who has your back and is, or would be, willing to chat for hours on how to solve a problem. Beware of the critic who just wants to tear you down, and beware of he or she who will only be a head that nods in agreement.

Find your Dr. Watson, your Ernie, your Chewbacca. Take that list and maybe test out a few people for “sounding-board” status. Though you may be the one and only owner, every big shot has people he or she can talk to about ideas and problems. Once you’ve narrowed down your potentials to one or two, go from there.

Sherlock didn’t know what he was missing until Dr. Watson appeared. Once you have your sidekick, you’ll realize how important he or she is to you and your Box.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at