Fargomania at CrossFit Icehouse


Our tagline at CrossFit Icehouse is “Building Everyday Athletes.” We truly believe CrossFit is for anyone. One event we hold each year is our biggest and favorite expression of that tagline: Fargomania.

What is Fargomania?

Fargomania is an adapted one-day fitness competition for individuals with a disability or special need to showcase their abilities. Participants compete in three events as individuals performing acquired health and wellness skills. All movements can be adapted and scaled based on the athlete’s abilities. 

How does Fargomania work?

We partner with nonprofits who support adults with special needs; a local gymnastics facility who has the space and capacity to train these athletes year round; and other CrossFit gyms to train these adults for eight weeks leading up to their competition.  

The kickoff begins with a competition/fundraiser where athletes from the area sign up to compete side by side with our Fargomania athletes. This is one of the most fun events we hold all year. We bring a food truck onsite, have bands playing music and even set up in a brewery parking lot to help the spectators celebrate the event. This event is 100 percent fully integrated and is such an amazing way to support these athletes as they start their eight-week journey to Fargomania. 

During the eight weeks, they train two times per week at a local CrossFit gym with Coaches. These classes take place at downtimes in those facilities, so it brings some additional revenue as our fundraiser covers the cost of the coaching during this window. Plus, the energy this crew brings to each facility is second to none.  

Each gym has a “team” that goes into the event, so the athletes are not just competing individually, they are also competing for their home gym.  

Finally, the end of the training commences with a big Fargomania competition at our local university. We’ve been able to partner with them through our partnership with other non-profits. This year we even had Greek life come out and support these athletes. 

Why Fargomania?

Not only does it align with our core values and tagline perfectly, it is a great way to bring the entire CrossFit community in our area together for an amazing cause.  

Our goal is to provide an environment for these athletes where they can focus on their abilities, celebrate their fitness and help them gain the confidence and strength to live more independent lifestyles.

Born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, Courtney Shoemaker then slowly migrated over the years to Fargo, North Dakota. She spent most of her adult life working in corporate America, and finally took the leap to leave for a new career in CrossFit. Outside of the gym she also spends time skydiving or doing yoga. CrossFit Icehouse was established in 2015 in Fargo, North Dakota, with the goal of “Building Everyday Athletes.” CrossFit Icehouse is a “You First” fitness environment. It builds relationships and create healthy habits through fitness to allow you to become the best version of yourself. Reach her at info@crossfiticehouse.com.