Episode 21: The Ins and Outs of CrossFit Facility Layout

CrossFit facility layout

Choosing a space and laying out your facility can seem like an near impossible task. Where do you even start?

Brennan Morton, the founder of NEPA CrossFit, shares his Box’s story. Growing from 700 square feet to 24,000, he shares the challenges of finding a new and perfect space, as well as moving from one facility to the next. Plus, he dives into how he and his partner continuously work to find out what’s the best CrossFit facility layout for their gym.

But although 24,000 square feet is just a dream of most Affiliates, Morton shares the hardships they’ve had to face with such a large space. In fact, he might just be looking to downsize the gym.

Listen to the episode below, learn from Morton’s facility mistakes and get some inspiration on how to make your CrossFit facility layout work best for your clients:

Show Notes

  • Brennan Morton first thought CrossFit was going to be a passing phase.
  • Why Morton would be caught under the desk sleeping at his gym in its early days.
  • How Morton came to hate CrossFit for a bit.
  • Email Brennan here for his fancy packet.
  • How NEPA CrossFit dealt with its first initial — and very small —700-square-foot space.
  • What Morton was looking for in a new and bigger space, including a place to play outside.
  • How NEPA CrossFit ended up in an old baseball training facility.
  • Why showers having been causing problems since the beginning.
  • The one thing Morton has learned — and is honestly still learning.
  • What does NEPA CrossFit look like today, and why?
  • How they transitioned from one space to the next without missing a beat.
  • What the split-class system looks like at the Box.
  • The trials of 24,000 square feet, including the heating bill.
  • How NEPA CrossFit got involved in the Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Strongman scene.
  • Know if your insurance covers hosting events, or you could wind up in trouble like NEPA CrossFit did.
  • What planning and laying out the space looked like for them.
  • Why you need to always be aware of flow and how to make things better.
  • Where NEPA CrossFit would like to move to next.
  • What you lose with every square foot of space you gain.
  • When buying equipment, ask this one question to save money.
  • What’s Brennan’s crack as a business owner?

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