Exploring Those Programming Possibilities

Programming variety.Some Boxes are looking to expand their programming options, but they might not know where exactly to begin. Box Pro sat down with Justin Marcis, the Affiliate of Windy City CrossFit in Chicago, Illinois, to ask how he has gone about adding the various programs his Box has.

BP: Why do you have such a variety of programming?

JM: We believe in all types of training. We don’t believe that there is one right way to train. As well, we just want to give our members options.

BP: How did you decide what to offer?

JM: We just took a look at the various styles of training that are out there (powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, body composition, bodybuilding, athlete performance, gymnastic strength training, kettlebells, etc.)

BP: What are the benefits of having a variety of programming?

JM: The benefits are that members have options. If they’ve been coming to CrossFit class for the last six months, but find out that they really want to focus on Olympic weightlifting, we can offer that option, and so on with all of our other programs and tracks. 

BP: Do they differ in terms of what memberships members have to purchase?

JM: These classes are included in a standard membership: CrossFit Level 1 classes, CrossFit classes, Olympic Weightlifting classes, Athlete Conditioning classes, Strength Specific classes, Saturday Morning Team classes, Kettlebell Swingers classes, Assault classes, Windy City Stretch classes.

BP: What do gender focused programs like Jacked and Stacked do for your business?

JM: We find that members just enjoy the variety of the programming, and the opportunity to train for a specific goal other than general fitness (and with either only ladies or men).

BP: What are your tips/advice when it comes to choosing programming?

JM: Offer what you believe. If you believe that CrossFit is the only way, then just offer CrossFit. If you believe in all types of training, then give your members options. Sometimes members want to specialize for a while. If they do, we try to give them those options.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.