Episode 55: The Evolution of Business at CrossFit St. Louis

CrossFit St. Louis

It’s amazing how often boredom or the desire for a new training regimen led people to CrossFit.

JoAnna Dettmann was no different. She was training for an Ironman when she found CrossFit, and only did it once a week despite her Coach’s insistence she do it more.

But, like the business of CrossFit St. Louis which Dettmann is now a co-owner of, there was an evolution that had to take place.

In the below episode of Box Talk, Dettmann shares her story on finding CrossFit, how she came to own CrossFit St. Louis, what they’ve learned over the years in terms of growth and expansion, and the challenges that have come with the business:

Show Notes

  • How boredom first led JoAnna Dettmann to CrossFit.
  • The first thought Dettmann and her training partners had after doing their Ironman was kind of crazy.
  • How CrossFit St. Louis transitioned ownership.
  • The many moves and space expansions of CrossFit St. Louis.
  • What three things have caused the Box to grow.
  • Why finding a friend in the gym is essential to business.
  • The conversion from onramp to regular classes and what has helped.
  • The evolution of business at CrossFit St. Louis.
  • Why the competitor class has been dissolved.
  • The thoughts behind choosing to slow down on hosting competitions.
  • Behind “what’s new” at CrossFit St. Louis and its various programs.
  • Why Dettmann was yelled at during the Box Pro Leadership Summit.
  • What makes Dettmann a different type of CrossFit owner.
  • A very interesting impending change for the owner…
  • Why CrossFit St. Louis lost a lot of members because of a change.
  • The necessity of toughening up on memberships.
  • Do you or do you not pause your membership? Comment below!
  • The challenge of getting your Coaches to treat the Box like it’s their own.
  • Dettmann’s biggest piece of advice for Affiliate owners goes along the lines of not needing more.

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