Everything is Awesome


It was a surreal experience for me as Chris Cooper and Chriss Smith used teamwork, and a pair of pencils, to carefully place a plastic figure on a teetering tower.

I have known both Affiliates separately, have interviewed both extensively for a cover story, but never thought I’d see them in the same room. But there they were, taking on a challenge to win their team points in hopes for victory in a competition at the Box Pro Leadership Summit.

From October 26 to 28, around 40 Affiliates and 14 sponsors gathered at The W Hotel in Downtown Atlanta for the Summit. For about two days, we led Affiliates through roundtables, networking and a crazy afternoon of challenges with the Amazing Worldwide Race competition.

It’s crazy to see a year of planning, preparing and brainstorming come to fruition in a span of 48 hours. But the best part was meeting Affiliates I’ve talked to for years and introducing them to one another.

img_4391Like Cooper and Smith, I got to see numerous people interact and problem solve together. There is something indescribable when experts and entrepreneurs are sitting around a table discussing business issues, or trying to come up with a one-minute puppet show opera. There was a lot of knowledge flying around, and a good number of laughs. I heard multiple people say they were going away with heads full to the point of bursting.

When the Summit had wrapped up, the Affiliates had left and the set-up at the hotel was broken down, I headed to the airport with the rest of my team. And on the way I realized something amazing: What we do is pretty awesome.

An overrated word perhaps, but a good one nonetheless. Awesome. I get to meet awesome Affiliate owners who run awesome businesses. They are always up for sharing and learning, ready for an awesome time. And ultimately, they make their members’ lives even more awesome through the fitness regimen they offer.

So, by pure osmosis, what we do at Box Pro is pretty awesome. We get to help facilitate conversation and discussion to propel Affiliates forward in this industry. We get to help them build better businesses that reach more people. And since what they do changes lives, we have a small hand in helping them change the world.

The Box Pro Leadership Summit was yet another touch point in this industry, another chance to have a larger global impact. And if that’s not awesome, then I don’t know what is.


Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.