Establishing Successful Routines


Everyday we wake up and follow a routine, preparing ourselves for a productive day. The same applies to managing your business. Performing a few basic tasks every day at your Box ensures you will be in touch with your business. Your management software should have basic reports that will help you see both positive and negative trends, and give you the tools to make better decisions:

Front Desk  ·  Your front desk is the first impression members and potential members experience. You do not want a chaotic scene and do not want a long line at check in. Do your members check in by themselves or do you have someone check them in? Are they greeting everyone by name? Are they able to see if someone has a past-due balance or a note they need to update their payment method? Does your staff have a proper script when this happens so your member does not get embarrassed if there is a problem with their account? Pulling a member aside to discuss their account is proper protocol.

Store  ·  It is imperative to constantly review your point of sale transactions. Checks and balances are critical if you want to maintain integrity of your cash drawer. Run reports to review all changes made to memberships and reconcile them with the financial reports.

Know what products are selling and, more importantly, which products are not selling and need to be discontinued. Lack of inventory management is another way owners can experience losses and lose control easily. Do a physical inventory at least once a quarter — not only to reconcile totals, but so your staff know they need to account for all inventory. Your management software should have a Top 10 List that shows the hot products and services being sold in each POS category.

Membership  ·  When memberships are selling well, cash flow is good and owners can feel comfortable. This is the best time to look at the slow times and prepare promotions to help increase new membership sales during the off months. Consider a referral campaign offering your current members additional months for referrals who make a six-month commitment. The cost is minimal and your members will feel excited to let their friends know about their Box. In the summer, hand out postcards for a short-term, paid-in-full membership for potential members who are not ready to commit to a contract. Include students who are home for the summer and cannot commit to a long-term contract. Offer a few free classes as an introduction to your facility. Advertising with local cable companies is not expensive during off times and can bring in potential members who are typically sedentary. Partner with a local charity to bring in neighbors who are not aware of your services. Everyone likes to support businesses that support local causes. Have monthly open houses that benefit different charities — perhaps offering a small donation as part of each membership. This creates long-term friendships and can also give your business free local publicity. Sponsoring shirts for local teams gets your name out in the community.

Your management software is the backbone of your business, and you should routinely view all reports, charts and graphs. There is a reason those reports exist as every software company includes the basic reports that help manage your daily routine. Staying informed could be the difference between struggling and maintaining a successful gym business.


By John Becker. He is the president of Coral Springs Software. Coral Springs Software has been offering easy to use, affordable management software for 20 years. They have worked with both small and large facilities and have seen where establishing daily, weekly and monthly routines ensure success. For more information, visit, email or call 954.575.7160.