Episode 97: Nutrition Coaching in a Pandemic with HSN


Despite COVID-19, some gyms are currently thriving. CrossFit HSN is one of them.

Nicole Aucoin, the owner of the Box and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN), has been using nutrition to grow her gym since the first shutdown. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, she said they’ve had to navigate a lot of rules and guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

However, she’s been growing her business through nutrition coaching, which has been booming. As such, in this episode of Box Talk, she shares on how other owners can grow up excellent nutrition Coaches, why you need to consider a nutrition challenge and some big news for HSN concerning its status with CrossFit.

Show Notes

  • Check out these previous episodes with Aucoin: Episode 33 and Episode 73.
  • COVID-19 restrictions at CrossFit HSN.
  • Why COVID-19 brought in new fitness and nutrition clients.
  • The reason behind CrossFit HSN shutting its doors a week before it had to.
  • Use this time of closures and limited services to really shine in this way.
  • Looking at nutrition challenges and how you can run one now.
  • Tips on how to train Coaches in nutrition.
  • Why starting simple is best with nutrition coaching.
  • What nutrition coaching is actually all about.
  • Why HSN only offers a 12-week nutrition program.
  • Some big news on HSN now being a CrossFit Preferred Course.
  • What you can learn in that said course.
  • Aucoin shares why an Australian gym is confident it can survive a second shut down.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.