Episode 96: Happy Accidents at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta

CrossFit Downtown Atlanta

Michael Michaelides never planned to own a gym.

And yet, here he is years later, the owner of CrossFit Downtown Atlanta. It was a string of happy accidents that got him to where he is today, including surviving during COVID-19. For instance, the gym was already prepared for class sign ups as they had started doing them in the fall of 2019.

Plus, it was this Box that the first CrossFit Scholarship Level 1 course was held for several teenage boys, some of whom were already training at Downtown Atlanta.

As you listen to this conversation with Michaelides, see what you can learn from his COVID-19 response, the way he serves his local community and some candid advice when it comes what you need to ready for.

Show Notes

  • Michaelides’ long history with CrossFit Downtown Atlanta.
  • How his son’s words changed the course of his life.
  • Going from helping out at the gym to owning it looked like this.
  • Why CrossFit Downtown Atlanta was set up well for COVID-19.
  • Planning to reopen in phases and how it worked.
  • How Michaelides created “fitness pods” in his gym and what those look like.
  • Getting involved in hosting the first CrossFit Scholarship Level 1.
  • The long-term plan for those teens who attended the Scholarship course.
  • How can other owners get involved in this?
  • Why you need to get up and do things, no matter what people think.
  • This is what you need to constantly be ready for.
A look at the new COVID-19 layout and the “fitness pods” at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta.

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