Episode 94: Buying Gyms in a Pandemic with James Ellis

James Ellis

James Ellis has been a lifelong athlete, but it took him about 10 years from trying CrossFit to finally own a gym.

It was a long and winding road, but he has now found himself as the owner of not one, not two, but three gyms in Arizona.

In this episode of Box Talk, Ellis shares how he came to own CrossFit Infinite Strength, and how the pandemic brought him to owning Hammer CrossFit and co-owning Spark CrossFit. He shares what he has learned through the ownership, as well as how each gym has pivoted in the second COVID-19 shutdown of 2020 for the state of Arizona.

Show Notes

  • The impact the movie 300 had on Ellis finding CrossFit.
  • Why barbells are a lot more forgiving than a previous sport Ellis tried.
  • How a Olympic lifting competition and his dad set Ellis on a new trajectory.
  • Where he learned about hard and relentless work.
  • The road to owning CrossFit Infinite Strength.
  • How the Box responded to the COVID-19 closure.
  • Why Infinite Strength is technically in a different country, and what that has meant during COVID.
  • Where a question can lead — namely, to buying a gym.
  • How a potential equipment purchase turned into co-owning a gym.
  • What Ellis’ three gyms are currently doing during the second shutdown.
  • Why Ellis now has 600 bosses.
  • What doesn’t exist inside of Ellis — ad why that’s his advice to Affiliate owners.
  • Overlapping the lessons in fitness to the aspects of life.
  • Why taking care of people is Ellis’ most important thing.
  • If someone has your best interest in mind, this is what that allows for.
  • Ellis’ final message and piece of advice for Box owners.

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