Episode 93: John Briggs on Dangerous Coaches, Making Profits and More

John Briggs

John Briggs was working with Affiliates before he became one.

In fact, he was working with them before he even had tried CrossFit. As the founder of Incite Tax and Accounting, which serves the microgym niche, Briggs found the fitness regimen when he was at 41% body fat. Having his life changed and seeing the signs that CrossFit GSL — his home gym — was going under, Briggs soon bought into the business and came to co-own CrossFit GSL in 2018.

He’s learned a lot over the past two years, including how to survive a pandemic, when it comes to owning a gym. He’s had to make tough team calls, solidify the brand and realize a full-time staff member is a must. Briggs even has a book, Profit First for Microgyms, in order to help the gym owner.

Having talked to hundreds of microgyms, and even owning one, Briggs had a lot of advice and lessons learned to share in this episode of Box Talk.

Show Notes

  • How two clients in Briggs’ tax firm got him into CrossFit.
  • Why an email led to Briggs becoming an owner of CrossFit GSL.
  • Financially fit gyms have three of these…
  • This was Briggs’ biggest surprise in becoming an owner. 
  • Who the most dangerous person to your gym is.
  • Why one hire during the COVID-19 pandemic has made all the difference for the gym.
  • What the role of a general manager looks like at CrossFit GSL.
  • How the Box responded to the CrossFit HQ/Greg Glassman events.
  • Knowing your brand and telling your story is key.
  • Briggs mentioned the Story Brand Exercise by Don Miller.
  • Stop falling on the sword!
  • Why this one thing is absolutely critical to have as a gym owner.
  • Should you make money from changing people’s lives? Briggs weighs in.

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