Episode 92: Behind the Scenes at Burg CrossFit

Burg CrossFit
Tony Vouis and Jen Hutson

Tony Voius and Jen Hutson are the owners of Burg CrossFit.

The duo has had a crazy road in the ownership of their gym. Whether it was exponential growth, a landlord jacking up building prices or COVID-19, they’ve had to overcome a lot.

However, one thing that has got them through it all is imperfect action. Both agreed you simply have to take action and move forward; if it’s imperfect, correct as you go.

As you listen to this episode, ask yourself what imperfect action you could take today to propel your business into the future.

Show Notes

  • How Burg CrossFit got started.
  • Jumping from 3,500 to 13,000 square feet and why it didn’t end well.
  • Where tattooing comes into play with Tony Lewis.
  • How Burg CrossFit came to have two locations in Florida and one in Ohio.
  • As if they didn’t have enough stress, Lewis and Jen then did this with two of their locations.
  • What COVID-19 has looked like at Burg CrossFit’s three locations.
  • The ins and outs of BurgFit at the gym.
  • Diving into the gym’s nutrition program.
  • What is up next for Burg CrossFit in terms of new offerings.
  • Creative partnerships can produce interesting seminars, like Burg’s “Your Lady Bits Matter.” 
  • What you should not allow yourself to be swayed by as an owner.
  • Why imperfect action is better than this.

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