Episode 91: A Mecka of Fitness with Kevin Beamon

Kevin Beamon

Imagine going through a pandemic while building out two gyms.

Kevin Beamon didn’t just imagine this; he has been doing it.

With a successful Affiliate — CrossFit Mt. Lebanon — and boutique class gym — Mecka Fitness — it was time to expand to the other side of Pittsburgh. However, Beamon never could of expected COVID-19’s impact this spring.

In this episode of Box Talk, he shares how he got to the point of being ready to open 5 Borders CrossFit and a second Mecka Fitness location. He also dives into how he and his full-time staff survived the closure, as well as how they served their 1,000 members. And, he talks about looking ahead with marketing for the new gym in this aftermath of the coronavirus.

As you listen, ask yourself if you’re looking at the data, surveying your members and delegating tasks. All three have come together to bring Beamon to where he is today.

Show Notes

  • What Beamon never thought he’d be doing in a million years.
  • Why 10,000 square feet took Beamon to New York City.
  • The variety of offerings at Mecka Fitness.
  • How they are taking good ideas and making them great.
  • What it looks like to serve a variety of members and programs during the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Projects that kept Beamon and his full-time staff busy during quarantine.
  • What seems to be more important than we thought it was — and we thought it was pretty important.
  • Why you need to have staff to delegate things to.
  • The importance of surveys in business – but beware the Karens.
  • What reopening has looked like for Beamon’s gyms.
  • Why planning to open new gyms in a pandemic has actually been helpful.
  • The deciding factors behind opening Mecka Fitness’ new location and 5 Borders CrossFit.
  • Marketing after a pandemic.
  • What a new client is recommended when joining.
  • It’s key to keep this in mind when reopening.
  • The data you need to pay attention to in this pandemic.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.