Episode 90: Opening After a Pandemic with CrossFit Bound

opening after a pandemic

CrossFit Bound reopened in late April.

Owner Brandon Phillips shares what opening has been like since, as well as what he’s learned along the way that’s kept members around.

As gyms across the country reopen, it’s key to learn from one another about what’s working and what isn’t. In order to safely reopen, each Box has to do its part in keeping members safe. And that’s exactly what Phillips goal is in reopening.

Take a listen to this interview with the owner of CrossFit Bound and dial in your plan for reopening.

Show Notes

  • How Phillips transitioned from schoolteacher to CrossFit owner and athlete.
  • What he did when COVID-19 closed his gym.
  • Why Zoom wasn’t really the answer for CrossFit Bound.
  • The role InBody scans had in keeping members around.
  • What reopening has looked like in the 6,000-square-foot facility.
  • The cleaning routines CrossFit Bound now has in place, from wipes to ozone cleaning.
  • What article is Phillips talking about?
  • When reopening, you need to sit down and think about this experience.
  • What good, new habits have come from the pandemic.
  • The new guidelines just might stay – at least, parts of them.
  • What the month of May means for CrossFit Bound.
  • How Murph is going to work at the gym this year.
  • The power of a positive mindset right now.

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