Episode 89: Lobbying to Open with Ryan McFadyen

lobbying to open

What does it take to get your Affiliate back open?

For Ryan McFadyen, the owner of Ohio Strength and Mouse Trap Fitness, he’s doing everything he can, including lobbying his representatives. While he does share in this episode of Box Talk about steps he took to provide value to members virtually, much of the discussion centers around the future. What does it hold and what does he want to see from the government?

There’s a lot you can do as an Affiliate owner when it comes to influencing the government, and McFadyen shares what steps you can take during this time. So, listen to this episode and be inspired to let your representatives know your business is essential.

Show Notes

  • McFadyen gets honest with how he’s doing during COVID-19.
  • The online methods Ohio Strength and Mouse Trap offer.
  • Who McFadyen is contacting regularly and why.
  • What gym owners can do during this time — Juliet Starrett suggested doing this as well.
  • Looking ahead for reopening in Florida and Ohio.
  • The biggest challenge for McFadyen right now.
  • Other obstacles to consider, like the PPE, members having a job, etc.
  • Why you need to keep up your fitness.
  • Listen to your members about opening and ask, do they actually want it?
  • How to start lobbying your representatives.
  • What this means for the connection of Affiliate owners.
  • The reality of this time and the future of small businesses.
  • McFadyen’s call to the government in terms of business help.
  • What society probably won’t tolerate.
  • Final advice from McFadyen include evaluation, communication and more.

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