Episode 88: Thinking Beyond COVID-19 at TJ’s Gym

According to TJ Belger, there are three spreadsheets you need to put together right now.

The owner of TJ’s Gym, with three locations in California, Belger said there was definitely an adjustment period to going virtual. However, he and his team have learned a lot along the way.

But, what is really going to matter is what happens after the coronavirus is over. How will your business respond then?

Belger shared in this episode of Box Talk not only how he’s been creative in virtual offerings, but also the steps he’s taking to plan out the next year – well, as much as you can plan anything during a pandemic. As such, he encourages other Affiliates to do the same, giving applicable advice on how to do so.

Show Notes

  • Belger’s shout out to the last Box Talk episode with Craig Howard.
  • Why Zoom was a bit of a disaster at first.
  • The clear directions Belger gave to his Zoom classes.
  • What virtual offerings members have access to at TJ’s Gym.
  • The unique ability of the CrossFit gym owner right now.
  • Creative ideas for seminars, community hangouts, etc.
  • What has been constant at TJ’s Gym and why it’s a big deal.
  • Why isn’t there any gym equipment to buy right now? Belger’s inside scoop.
  • The three spreadsheets you currently need to put together.
  • If you want to be competitive in the future, this is what you will be offering.
  • What you need to pick up right now and use.
  • The Pumpkin Plan and why Belger mentioned it.
  • Here’s how the shifts/lessons learned during this time will impact the future of TJ’s Gyms.
  • Why you need to captain the ship.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.