Episode 86: Preparing for the COVID-19 Aftermath at Diablo CrossFit

Craig Howard is doing what he can to continue the Affiliate mission in COVID-19.

As a co-owner of Diablo CrossFit, Howard explained more than ever people are looking for a hedge against disease and poor health. In his opinion, Affiliates still offer the cure for chronic disease.

During this time of stay-at-home orders, he has lent over 600 pieces of equipment out to his community. Zoom classes are produced at a high quality. And he is already asking the questions of how to offer CrossFit when all of this is over, especially to those hit hard by the economic downturn.

Grab a cup of coffee, put in your headphones and listen to this interview with Howard. It’s time to start thinking about the future; let this conversation help get you there.

Show Notes

  • Here’s the previous episode with Howard.
  • The stubbornness off Diablo CrossFit members.
  • Why Howard pays attention to the economic considerations and how it’s helping his business.
  • Diablo CrossFit had three days to do this during Shelter in Place.
  • Why Howard was hesitant about Zoom at first.
  • A look inside the “filming studio” for Diablo’s Zoom classes.
  • Specialty and community-focused virtual add-ons that have worked well.
  • How Howard has gained a better connection with the community.
  • Why you shouldn’t give up on Zoom classes.
  • Three things that are important to running a high-quality virtual class.
  • A simple and fun trivia night – virtually.
  • Looking ahead and taking into consideration what members are going through.
  • What’s happening with merchant banks and membership processing software.
  • How Howard is changing membership pricing to accommodate members in the future.
  • Why two years from now Howard thinks gyms are going to be going gang busters.

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