Episode 83: CrossFit LoLo is Virtual and Authentic in COVID-19

CrossFit LoLo

In March, Adam Davidson qualified for the CrossFit Games. And upon his arrival home, he went into quarantine with his finance, Kelsey Goodwin.

As the leaders of CrossFit LoLo, located in Victoria, British Columbia, they had to recently make the tough decision to close their gym due to the threat of COVID-19. It’s been a scary time and one of much transition, evident as they share their story in this episode of Box Talk.

Davidson and Goodwin share the history of their gym, what virtual class offerings look like at CrossFit LoLo and the online member challenge they plan to run. Plus, they chat community and how to highlight members. Finally, they are share the power of authenticity and the method of having a “clearing with your staff.”

As you listen to this episode, think about not only how you can grow your business now during COVID-19, but how your Box came out of this pandemic better than before.

Show Notes

  • How a photographer and a weightlifter opened a CrossFit gym.
  • Here’s the story on renovations at CrossFit LoLo.
  • Why the opening of the gym was kicked off with a masquerade ball.
  • CrossFit LoLo’s history is rooted in weightlifting.
  • How “Love on, Life on” applies to the coronavirus impact at CrossFit LoLo.
  • Virtual class offerings at CrossFit LoLo and how they are doing it.
  • The online member challenge Goodwin was talking about.
  • What running a virtual class looks like.
  • Why CrossFit LoLo is constantly tweaking what it’s doing right now.
  • How to create a community that can withstand something like COVID-19.
  • What is “Humans of LoLo” and how does it benefit the coaching staff?
  • One simple thing that has helped the business thrive — hint, it has to do with names.
  • Lessons learned from a bouncy castle…
  • What failure actually is in Davidson’s viewpoint.
  • Why having a “clearing” in your staff meetings could be revolutionary.
  • Check out the Landmark Forum.

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