Episode 80: Drop-ins, BOXSPOT and CrossFit St. Louis


Do you wish the drop-in process was easier? Or do you wonder what would make your drop-in process better?

Affiliate owner JoAnna Dettmann of CrossFit St. Louis sat down with Heather Hartmann, the editor of Box Pro Magazine, on Box Talk to discuss the above.

Dettmann has been traveling the country, visiting other gyms as she launches her latest business venture BOXSPOT, the “OpenTable” app for drop-ins. She shares about the app, how it’s evolved since October 2019, what she’s learned about the best places to drop-in, etc.

Listen to the episode below and learn how to better serve those who drop-in at your Box.

Show Notes

  • JoAnna Dettmann is back. Check out her first episode here.
  • How Heather Hartmann has been forever impacted by CrossFit St. Louis.
  • The first mention of BOXSPOT on boxpromag.com.
  • Something has changed and it has to do with what’s free.
  • What’s all been added to the app since its October launch, and what’s to come.
  • How technology and apps can save the Affiliate owner this.
  • Why this is a good evolution for CrossFit gyms.
  • How to better serve drop-ins as an Affiliate.
  • Unique responses to drop-ins across the country.
  • Technology, like QR codes, is also being used at various Boxes.
  • Panera’s “pay what you feel” locations actually exist… or they did.
  • Shout out to CrossFit Big Dane’s welcoming spirit.
  • The organizational tidbits Dettmann has picked up along the way.
  • What she is most excited for in 2020 concerning BOXSPOT.
  • Why her top advice is “bigger is not always better.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.