Episode 77: Talking Software and Tech Tips with PushPress


Once upon a time, CrossFit gyms existed without management software.

However, that is rarely the case anymore. You’ll often find gyms toting a software that helps the owner, the members and everyone in between.

But, software can also cause frustration. How do you use it to your biggest advantage? What data points should you be tracking? What do you look for in your trial of the software?

Dan Uyemura of PushPress, a gym management software, sat down with Box Pro to take a deep dive into this technological realm on Box Talk. He shares how he got into the industry, why sales doesn’t have to be a dirty word, how gyms are the same as SaaS businesses and more.

Listen to this episode and walk away with some applicable software advice to get your gym running better today.

Show Notes

  • How Dan Uyemura put on 20 pounds and what he did about it.
  • What was in the back of Uyemura’s mind while he opened a gym.
  • The Affiliate’s biggest pain point is…
  • One thing that changed Uyemura’s world as a business owner.
  • Why sales doesn’t have to be a dirty word.
  • The seminar that changes Uyemura’s sales mindset.
  • What Affiliate owners are missing when it comes to using their management software.
  • How gyms are exactly the same as SaaS businesses.
  • Why education is PushPress’ first goal.
  • Where to start in terms of gaining a business-owner mindset.
  • The parallel between tracking metrics in the SaaS business model and Affiliates.
  • Uyemura’s biggest piece of advice deals with the long-term success of a partnership.
  • What you need to test in your software trial.
  • Why making changes is a double-edge sword.
  • The “must-knows” about PushPress.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.