Episode 76: Why Members are Still Going to CrossFit Hale

Jay Williams is still excited about his gym.

It’s not always the case these days when talking to an Affiliate owner. Business is challenging and it can lead to discouragement. But Williams still gets up each day, excited to help CrossFit Hale and CrossFit Thames grow.

In this episode of Box Talk, editor Heather Hartmann caught up with Williams since doing a cover story on Hale back in 2016. They chat about the shifts he’s had in business and his role at the gym, as well as his coaching at Two Brain Business.

Williams dives into the topics of value, hiring staff, three actions one should take every day and the importance of coffee in your business. Listen to the episode below and implement his two pieces of advice today.

Show Notes

  • How Jay Williams feels about business after being in it for so long.
  • Here’s Williams’ story of how he came into the industry.
  • Also the previous podcast episode with him.
  • Why he needed to get out of the day to day at CrossFit Hale.
  • The positives and negatives of Facebook ads.
  • Where values come into play.
  • The results of bringing in good people both in membership and staff.
  • How to do slow, organic growth — and survive.
  • People need one-on-one attention for this.
  • Why members are still showing up to CrossFit Hale years later. 
  • The three things Williams looks for when hiring staff.
  • Three actions asked of staff every day.
  • Why the issue is not knowledge but rather action.
  • How you know when a business is doing it right.
  • Williams’ one personal and professional piece of advice.
  • What does coffee have to do with business?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.