Episode 75: Personal Growth and Business at B3 Gym

personal growth

You tell your members all the time to grow, so why shouldn’t you?

And not just in business. But, your personal growth matters as Chris Marhefka has realized over the years of owning B3 Gym.

In this episode of Box Talk, he dives into his story of becoming an Affiliate owner and learning what marketing works for his gym. He also shares on the most important lesson in your personal growth, ego and what it can cause as a gym owner, and one actionable piece of advice for the gym owner to implement today.

Take a listen and look at yourself, asking where can you make changes to see your own personal growth.

Show Notes

  • Chris Marhefka’s first major decision that made him think about his fitness venture as a business.
  • Why people entrusting Marhefka with their fitness led to a mindset shift.
  • The data tracking changes that Marhefka made and what he’s tracked for 10 years.
  • How to avoid having a bad business month.
  • Current marketing at B3 Gym.
  • Why Marhefka would rather get face-to-face interactions when it comes to gathering leads.
  • Free seminars — what are some topics B3 Gym has done?
  • The most important lesson in your growth is…
  • Why you need to say “Thank you” when a terrible thing happens.
  • Marhefka’s reasoning behind why he wouldn’t do anything over.
  • What feelings have to do with business.
  • The ego-driven goals Marhefka decided to revise.
  • When Marhefka stopped running similar campaigns to the competition, this is what happened…
  • Who you should pay attention to in the world of business.
  • Marhefka’s one piece of advice and the actionable step to achieve it.

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